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PIARC World Road Congress

PHOEBE will present its current research during the 27th PIARC World Road Congress, which will take place from 2-6 October 2023 in Prague.

The congress, which is themed “together on the road again”, includes ministers’ sessions, 60 technical sessions, workshops and foresight sessions. PHOEBE will participate in the latter and will be presented during the “IRAP Innovation Workshop” that takes places during World Road Congress.

You can meet the PHOEBE partners of iRAP, Aimsun and POLIS Network during these sessions:

PIARC Foresight Session No. 5
Session 5 – Date (14:30-18:00)

Safe active mobility and multimodal / FS6 – Engineering & biodiversity

iRAP Innovation Workshop
Session 2 – 5.10.2023 (16:30-18:00)

What are we planning and building for the future?