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Welcome to the PHOEBE project

Welcome to the PHOEBE project

The PHOEBE consortium welcomes you on our homepage and is glad to provide you with an overview and a brief explanation of the project.

PHOEBE stands for ‘Predictive Approaches for Safer Urban Environment’ and brings together the inter-disciplinary power of traffic simulation, road safety assessment, human behaviour, mode shift and induced demand modelling and mobility data into a harmonised, prospective assessment framework for road safety. The 3.5-year-long PHOEBE project will apply and refine the framework in
real-world scenarios across three pilot cities, Athens (GR), Valencia (ES) and West Midlands (UK).

The PHOEBE framework will bring together research, data and innovative tools and models to simulate and forecast the safety impact of disruptive changes, transitions or scenarios across urban transport networks, with a particular focus on vulnerable road users’ safety. The predictive and visualisation capabilities to be delivered by Project PHOEBE will be a significant game-changer for urban stakeholders, helping mobility planners, designers and managers understand the impacts of changes from the individual level up to the network-wide level.

If you want to learn more, we invite you to check out our project library, the about section, as well as our social media channels.

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