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All public deliverables, newsletters and other project material is available as download below.


*Please be aware that currently available public deliverables are preliminary documents until a final approval has been given by the European Commission / CINEA.


D1.1 State-of-the-art and end-user needs review

This deliverable describes the PHOEBE Framework as a methodological approach designed for cities to improve understanding of the safety implications of future changes in the transport systems.

D1.2 Theoretical principles and methodological approach of the PHOEBE framework and selection of tools

This deliverable presents the overall methodological framework in PHOEBE and provides the theoretical principles and methodological approaches pertaining to each component within the framework.

D4.1 Use Case Experimental Designs

This deliverable aims to set the stage for the demonstration of the application of the methodological framework and validation of its outputs within the urban mobility and safety context.

D6.1 Dissemination, communication and exploitation plan

This deliverable outlines the dissemination and exploitation plans, including social media, the PHOEBE homepage, as well as the organisation of physical and virtual events.

D7.1 Project management handbook

It comprises instructions regarding the project procedures and other useful information to be applied during the project’s lifetime and is connected to the task of ‘project management and quality assurance’.

D7.2 Data management plan (1st version)

The first version of the data management plan details the terms of best practice for handling metadata and storage in order to ensure that data is findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

D7.4 Ethical and legal management plan

This deliverable provides the first version of the plan as a working document, which describes how the PHOEBE project will manage ethical management within the consortium


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