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The PHOEBE project adopts an interdisciplinary approach to deal with a multidisciplinary problem: road safety. While developing a dynamic human-centred predictive safety assessment framework that brings together the interdisciplinary power of traffic simulation, road safety assessment, human behaviour, mode shift and induced demand modelling and new and emerging mobility data, PHOEBE welcomes external inputs to ensure that the work being done is going in the right direction.

Join our Community of Practice For Road Safety, if you are a local or regional transport authority, traffic simulation, data provider or mobility-sector service provider, researcher, simulation developer operating in the traffic sector, urban mobility planner, road safety practitioner, or mobility and modelling expert!

PHOEBE wants to hear professionals and experts and enable knowledge exchange by creating a space where people can benefit from increased knowledge and understanding of road safety, contribute to advancements within and beyond the project, and engage in significant discussions about the future of urban road safety.

If you want to find out more, register here, and we will get in touch with you!

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