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Our PHOEBE experts have gathered research on the current state-of-play related to transport modelling research and the PHOEBE framework in our deliverable “SoA and end user needs review”. The latter is available in a preliminary version and contains several aspects which are highlighted in this new item and in bullet points below.

Even though stakeholders were consulted within the framework of the previously mentioned deliverable, the PHOEBE consortium would like to gain some feedback from you. Thus, we invite you to read the deliverable and provide us feedback by answering the survey below.

Summary of the deliverable:

  • Highlights gaps in science and policy related to transport modelling
  • Sheds light on the crucial connections between traffic simulation, road safety assessment, and the role of human behaviour models.
  • Confirms that the iRAP Star Ratings are a suitable road safety assessment methodology to meet the needs of the project.
  • Showcases that understanding modal shift and induced demand is critical in understanding the changes in the network flow and speed and their impacts on safety in the transport system.
  • Summarises more than 50 stakeholder consultations
  • Lists several key messages and conclusions, such as:
    • Mode choice and modal shift models are the first steps to be taken to simulate traffic and safety impacts.
    • Fusion of road assessment and traffic simulation: the strong inter-relationship between traffic simulation and road safety assessment is at the core of the PHOEBE methodology.

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Deliverable D1.1 “SoA and end user needs review”

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