Three road safety projects in one webinar

Road safety is a complex topic, especially if assessed with novel technological solutions, such as transport modelling. What would be better to gain a holistic overview on the subject by listening to our upcoming webinar? PHOEBE is cooperating with its sister projects ‘SOTERIA’ and ‘V4SAFETY’ to share our plans with you during a webinar on 27 February at 14:00-15:30, held via Zoom. Don’t miss this opportunity and register here.

The three sister projects were all selected in the same call to provide innovative solutions to promote urban road safety. Whereas SOTERIA and PHOEBE are aiming to provide tools to city administrations, V4SAFETY mainly takes the perspective of the motorised vehicle and will set up a framework for the assessment of in-vehicle safety solutions, regulatory solutions and infrastructure-based solutions.  All three projects help to predict potentially dangerous traffic scenarios for (vulnerable) road users within different situations. Thus, the three sister projects aim to promote the uptake of new technological solutions by city administrations across Europe.

Draft agenda:

  • Introduction (POLIS Network)
  • Keynote speech on road safety (POLIS Network)
  • Presentations by sister projects
    • PHOEBE
    • V4SAFETY
  • How to engage with the projects?